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Woman in viral hate video against Somali-American women wants to meet and make amends

‘If she (Hensley) genuinely wants to make amends for that, and if they (the Somali-American women) genuinely admit that they were wrong too, then why can’t we make that happen.’

A Mapleton, North Dakota woman caught in a viral video yelling at multiple Somali-American women in a Fargo parking lot has been fired from her job. The accounting company, Horab and Wentz in Fargo says they will be terminating Amber Hensley after getting hundreds of calls about her behavior shown in the video posted to Facebook.

On Tuesday, Hensley was captured on video saying, “We are going to kill all of you,” referring to Muslim people.

“You’re a racist person, and I am not going back to my country,” you can hear 21-year-old Leyla Hassan say in the video. She lives in Fargo, and moved to the United States in 2015 from Somalia.

Hassan says she was sitting in the car outside Walmart on 13th Avenue with her sister and friend who works there. She says Hensley came out of Walmart and walked up to their car and began saying horrible things to them. “You guys don’t know how it feels when someone talks like that,” says Hassan, referring to something Hensley said about her sister’s appearance.

Hassan shot video on her cellphone, you can hear Hensley say, “We are going to kill every single one of you *censored* Muslims. You’re fat, you can’t do anything.”

Source: Some hope for meeting between woman in viral video and Somali-American women

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