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Where is Somali Culture headed?

I feel like today’s Somali youth are slowly losing their Somali culture, and some are doing it on purpose. We are raised by our parents on the Somali customs and we were told that we are Somali foremost and that Islam is our religion. We were taught valuable traditions from a young age. A generation or two has passed and Somalis who have migrated to other countries have started adapting and claiming other cultures; forsaking the one of our their forefathers. They think that it’s a sign of progress and civilization. How many nations have lost their culture? Dismissing the Somali culture in the curriculum of schools have led to injustice, family breakdowns, and not applying our past noble virtues. We wish we could go back to what our ancestors used to practice which was based on the Islamic religion and the Somali traditions.

Somalia was formerly a world of rich and historic museum for Somali culture. But over the past two decades, the museum’s contents have been scattered across the world. While the nation has been engaged in civil war, with many formerly nomadic citizens moving into the cities or living in diaspora, we need to reestablish the old known symbolic museum where we banner against the vanishing of our culture.

On another hand Somalis who are outside, the diaspora community, should take a step forward by creating local areas where Hido iyo Dhaqan are showcased. Like the creation of the Somali Cultural Museum in Minnesota, we should also fund venues for Somalis to gather and have conversations in order to build bridges between our-self. Our culture must remain vibrant and our actions dynamic. We must remind our youth they can accomplish everything and at the same time who they are. This can be done anytime with parents encouraging their young to speak Somali at home, telling them of their roots and how they got to where they are.  Simple actions like those will send an inspiring and  positive message to the world that Somalis love, appreciate, and will protect their culture. Those who want to take part in building the fabric of Somali future should also know this. It will also be a positive message that will manifest as a moral boost to the entire Somali community.

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