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Somalia shows signs of recovery and optimism

After the state government of Somali collapsed in the 90’s, the country descended into a brutal civil war and hundred and thousands were forced to exile across the globe; creating the Diaspora Somali communities. But today the country is on a path to massive reconstruction. Somalis who live outside of the country have arrived in order to invest in their homeland; despite all the hurdles and devastation this country has faced; now a new scintillating hope has emerged as this country is now showing signs of real recovery and optimism.

Because of increasing investment to Somalia, the outside world has noticed. In a recent survey of the world’s fastest-growing cities with a population of at least 1 million, the U.S.-based consulting firm Demographia ranked Mogadishu second on the list. Demographia estimated Mogadishu’s annual growth rate at 6.9 percent, due to the return of Diaspora Somalis who have come home to explore investment opportunities following improvements within the city. This essentially means that the city of Mogadishu is booming for the first time in decades. Very talented Somali engineers have arrived in the country and have begun rebuilding the old and symbolic architectural buildings.

Although the peace and stability remains vigilant, last year, 2016 more Somalis are returning to their country than ever before, rediscovering the home they hadn’t seen in decades, and for some young diaspora, had never seen. Even Somalis who have never left Mogadishu are rediscovering their city, swimming in Lido beach, enjoying new cafes, and attending international conferences.

Lido Beach in Mogadishu also Known as “Mogadishu Miami Beach” has attracted both local and foreign tourists in recent years. Every weekend, families,oversea Somalis,foreigner tourists flock to the scenic Beach to spend the leisure time and become overcome by nostalgia. And kids and the youth swimming and playing beach football on the sandy shores.

To meet the growing demand for tourists Lido Beach Resort developers have introduced seafood restaurants, hotels and parks. In Mogadishu, the central business district is once again a beehive of commercial activity. Somali singers just held their first concert in more than two decades at the National Theater, which formerly served as a weapons depot and a national lavatory.

Mogadishu has a bright and thriving future in the context of culture, enterprise and new markets.

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