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Discover the Brightness of Somalia : Afgoye Orange Farms.

Afgooye is located about 30km (18 miles) north-west of Mogadishu, lies on a strategic crossroads for routes to the north, west and south of Somalia. Afgooye district is popular for its Rivers, Farms, and Agriculture and it has a population of around 79,400 inhabitants.

Afgooye is occupied by numerous Somali clans and diverse ethnic groups. During the Middle Ages, Afgooye and much of the surrounding area in southern Somalia was governed by some of the clan Empire. but not on negative. The people who live in Afgoye have their own traditional attires. 

The Istunka martial arts festival that is held annually in the  town during the Somali new year dates from this period. In the 1980s, Afgoye was one of the best cities for tourism and attractive place of travelers in Somalia. Go to Afgooye to see “the most magical location on the earth”.

A common destination for investors from the Gulf States. The Emir of Kuwait  used to visit the town during the holy month of Ramadan. Afgoye is famous for farms and the Shabelle river, its grown most popular by a fruit familiar to all Somalis, “Somalia’s Famous Bananas”.

The green farms of Afgoye attracts many International and Somali diaspora tourists and  have inspired Mogadishu residents to go to the farms on Fridays for relaxation and tours.

Jambaluul village is among the top that you can get all tradition food, water and materilas using. the culture is believed along the farms. We have been scrupulously shown the desperate negatives of our country, the hope for this country is very high between  the right of optimism.

My trip last month was such an amazing experience, its a place where you find the most patriotic Somalis, you will not feel lonely nor tired. as you are walking around the orange trees you feel that your in another world and the fragrant fruity smell make you not want to leave.

In her book entitled “Keeping Hope A Live ”  Dr Hawa Abdi the physician and noble peace prize nominee wrote about her time in the midst of Somalia’s darkest hours. She said, Hope is what remains as we wait for peace even as we bleed and we starve. 

May be right know we are living for hope.

    #Abdisalam Hajji yusuf

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