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Farmaajo Declares a State of War

After the latest attack by AlShabaab kills 7 people. Offers amnesty of 60 days for AlShabaab fighters.
Somalia’s new president on Thursday declared the country a war zone and replaced its military and intelligence chiefs while instructing the army to prepare a new offensive against al-Shabab extremists.

The shakeup is an attempt to improve the worsening security situation as the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab steps up deadly bombings in the capital since President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was elected in February. A car bomb blast on Wednesday at a Mogadishu restaurant killed at least seven people.

lay down the arms
The Somali-American president wore a military uniform as he declared the new offensive and offered young extremists a chance to surrender.

“We tell the young, brainwashed al-Shabab fighters that they have a 60-days deadline to lay down the arms with which they use to kill their people and come to us,” Mohamed said. “We shall welcome them with open arms.”

He said the government will focus on the security of the capital first, then the rest of the country.

Somalia leader declares country a war zone, replaces chiefs

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